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Maintaining your home with Waterproofing and Wood Treatments

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Maintaining your home with Waterproofing and Wood Treatments

Basement conversion is another way to create an additional space to your home. We can adapt the existing basement or cellar to a very usable and dry space. It can be converted to a small office, home theater or a basement recording studio. There are more ideas you can do to a basement that can be useful to you. But it is important as well that there is waterproofing system that will prevent water in entering your basement. This should be considered on the basement conversion. Aside from that there is also wood treatment that you might need to be fixing at home.

When you need to somehow place an additional space that you can use like for a home theater, you can consider basement conversion. But be sure that there is waterproofing that you will be placing to your basement. This basement waterproofing is preventing the water in entering to your basement. The various methods that are being used to prevent water for being penetrated in the basement foundation are the sump pump, increase of ventilation, exterior drainage that has waterproofing coatings, interior drainage and placing floor sealers and interior wall. The basement waterproofing is protecting the value of your home so it is important to maintain this with these methods.


Wood can be a foundation of our home as well aside from the cement that has been used. However there are times that the woods may be damaged by some pests or insects that can affect woods. Woodworm is one them that caused by larvae of a certain beetle. The adult beetle is going to lay eggs on the wood’s surface.  The larvae will then consume as much wood around them which is causing damage to carpentry. Without wood treatment being done, the wood will get continuous damage.

There are waterproofing systems that can be done to prevent water entering to your basement and wood treatments for the carpentry works that were damaged by insects and other pests. The basement waterproofing can increase the value of your home because you can make it an additional space that is useful to you, as an example you can make it as an office. The same with having a durable wood carpentry for your home, if the woods are worn it’s going to affect the whole house and of course will decrease the value of it. It is very important to maintain the value of your home by considering the waterproofing and also the wood treatment.


It is truly important to maintain the value of our home for future plans that we may have. This is our greatest possession in our life so we have to maintain it by doing necessary replacement or regular cleaning at home. You don’t have to worry now because the technology is now updated and there are equipments or professional that can use latest technology to upgrade your home. They can guide you and provide you tips on how to maintain your home to extend its life span without spending too much.

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