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What to Plan Before Hanging Wallpapers

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Home Improvement | Comments Off on What to Plan Before Hanging Wallpapers

Hanging wallpapers are oftentimes a task given to professionals. However, it is also possible to carry out the said task even on your own. You do not really have to ask a professional to do the task for you, especially if you are the type of person who loves to renovate the house all on your own and has prior knowledge to doing renovation works.


Once you got a Tektura wallpaper that would seem good for the space you plan on renovating, then you have to go ahead with the actual hanging of the wallpapers. Of course, that does not mean that you can just plop the material onto your walls. You need to prepare the walls, the room, and even the actual vinyl wall covering to ensure that you are properly doing the job.


Tektura wallpaper_2For the purpose of hanging the wallpaper properly, you have a few considerations you need to think about. These are the things you have to plan ahead of time to make the task easier. Here are the things you should plan ahead before you hang your wallpaper on your walls:


– Locate the seams. Poor seam placement can make the wallpaper placement look ugly. If you fail to locate the seam of the wall, you will end up having your wallpaper patterns get cut off awkwardly. Do not be in a rush to hang your wallpaper. Remember that proper planning allows you to have a good grasp of what the final outcome will be like. When it comes to planning  for the seams, you need to consider the following:


  • dominant wall
  • spacing of doors, windows, or focal points on the wall
  • final seam
  • leveling of ceilings and walls
  • special needs of the wallpaper pattern


– Determine where you will start with the first strip of your wallpaper. You want to have the two strips lying on the sides of your final seam to be the last ones you will work on. After all, you might have to cut off these two strips. It is also recommended to just work counterclockwise on the room if you are right-handed since that is easier and vice versa.


Tektura wallpaper_1


– If there are unlevel walls and ceilings, you have to make a plan on how to deal with them. If the wall is out-of-level, then avoid using straight across patterns. These patterns will just emphasize the out-of-level walls you have. You can consider using stripes, drop-match pattern, or any other vertical pattern instead. If the wall is out-of-plumb, then avoid using vertical patterns for it.


– For your out-of-plumb walls, you must make sure to create a proper guideline for it. To do that, you must first measure around 4 feet down your ceiling at each corner. After that, snap a chalk line in between these two points. Use a framing square for drawing a perpendicular line to your chalk line. Extend this out-of-plumb line with the use of a pencil and straightedge. Do this until the line is running from the floor to your ceiling.


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