Clean It All The Way!

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Clean It All The Way!

As the common saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. It is very important for us to stay clean for a lot of reasons. One of the very important reasons for staying clean has something to do with our health. We always need to be clean to avoid getting diseases. We all know that harmful bacteria thrive in dirty surroundings and these harmful bacteria are the causes of a lot of diseases everywhere. That is why we take a bath daily, wash our clothes regularly, and make sure that the food we eat are clean. We need to avoid bacteria as much as possible.

We also brush our teeth after every meal to keep them clean. We clean our ears with cotton buds after baths to remove the dirt in our ears and some people often use alcohol or sanitizers to keep their bodies clean. We do a lot of rituals to keep ourselves sanitized. Some people don’t even buy food from fast food chains or elsewhere because they prefer to cook their own food to make sure it is clean. Not only do we make sure that the food we eat and our body is clean, we should also make sure that our environment is clean, from our house to our office places and schools.

At home, we need to sweep our floor regularly, we need to change our bed sheets, pillow cases and curtains every now and then, we need to thoroughly wash our dishes after every meal and a whole lot more! Plus if we have pets at home, we also need to make sure that they are clean. We need to clean their wastes; their houses and we need to give them a bath every now and then too! Being clean can be very demanding but a lot is at risk if we will not keep ourselves and our environment clean.


We might get sick which will greatly affect our life span and there are some diseases that might be contagious to others which will never be good for people around you. But being clean at home is not the only demanding thing; we also need to be clean in our workplace or school.

We need to make sure that the place we stay in is clean. We need to throw all wastes in proper places. Being sick due to bacteria is not good for your work or study. It will greatly affect your performance. As another saying goes, health is wealth and one way to keep our health in good condition is through sanitation. But these are not the only things we need to worry about sanitation.


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