The Beginnings of Balustrades

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The Beginnings of Balustrades

Having balustrades in your home or in any type of property actually adds aesthetics. Like for example if your house or a property has a contemporary design, then the balustrades are the ones that you can have to give it a more contemporary design or you can actually make it as an accent in your home.

The earliest evidences of balustrades were around in the late fifteenth century. Also, in those early times, balustrades were not so popular to average homes since it was usually found in palaces in Venice. The new architecture at that time was just usually seen in grand structures, like palaces. So basically those balustrades were primarily made for grand houses or structures but as the years passed, average people were already able to have access to such architecture and incorporate it in their own homes. Evidently, now any people from all walks of life, or anybody from any part of the world can have balustrades installed on their own property. Like you for example, you can get it anywhere you like, have it installed by any balustrade manufacture of your choice and install it in your house or on any other property you have, or for whatever purpose you have in mind.

The word balustrade is actually a set of balusters which actually comes from a word baluster that means a pomegranate flower in Italian language. Though even before the baluster or balustrade architecture was invented by Rudolf Wittkower, in the late fifteenth century, there were already structures that were inspired by the shape of the pomegranate flower. In the present age, there are also even more structures that were inspired by balustrades, most especially in the furniture making industry. Also, aside from the furniture making industry, the pomegranate flower or the shape of a baluster is not only evident in balustrades itself and in the furniture making industry, but as well as in shape of chandeliers, candle holders and a lot more.

One of the most common uses or where you can see balustrades is for your house’s balcony or balconies but those are still actually applicable or can be incorporated with your house’ interior design, since again, it can be a great accent inside your home. Balustrades are not only for balconies actually, they also serve as railing supports for your stairs. Basically, having balustrades is not only a design for  houses or properties nowadays, but it is actually mainly for protection for balconies and also stairs. Also, when it comes to balustrades, do not be confused with the spindles on your stairs, since those are actually the same.