How to Choose an Air Conditioning System

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The heating and air conditioning Sevenoaks have some of the best air conditioning units that are perfect for your system. However, just because they have the best units does not mean that it will perfectly fit your needs. Just don’t follow the recommendations that are shared by your friends, relatives or neighbors, as they might know little about the perfect system that will suit your house. The reason why they find their air conditioning unit systems to be the best is because they have probably hired contractors to do the systems checking for them. When the contractors are the one choosing the air conditioning unit for your house, it is only natural that they will get the best performing air conditioning unit since it was fitted to the size of their house.

Will you be able to find the right air conditioning unit without the aid of contractors? You will, as long as you follow the steps written below.


The first question that all of you reading this will have is the common trait with all air units. The best ones are those that possesses the most efficient – operates using minimal electricity in order to hold down the monthly utility bills. They also offer dependable and steady performance every year, especially when the units are properly maintained. You will be able to recognize the systems that are the best there is – they are long lasting, quiet and only need low services. But the real question here is how you are able to determine if the unit that you are going to choose is the right one. The most obvious answer to that is that one that is not too small that it won’t be able to keep your house cool in an efficient manner. But what a lot of buyers do not realize is that getting an oversized air conditioning unit will try to cycle in many ways than one, like it turns on then off, more way than necessary. If this is the kind of unit that you have bought for your house, it will only waste energy and even result to a very expensive utility bill. It will also possibly put strain on the unit’s compressor. This is why there are other households that prefer to hire a contractor and leave it to them to install the unit since the household owner himself does not want to end up with a too small or too big unit. The factors that contractors do use are according to the cooling requirements. These are window exposure and dimensions, local climate, insulation, floor space, the number of heat generating appliances, the direction where the house faces and even the exterior of the house that are shaded by the trees.

Contractors will base the choice of an air conditioning unit as the aforementioned factors are listed. These are factors that will make you realize that your air conditioning unit is eating up a lot of your energy bills and at the same time not able to cool off the entire room because it is too small.