Give Extra Attention to Your Company’s Cleanliness

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Contractors | Comments Off on Give Extra Attention to Your Company’s Cleanliness

In the professional world, you have to take into consideration that it’s not only the external environment that matters. You see, even though your company’s lobby and lounge is spotless, you need to keep in mind that there are clients that are very particular with the internal environment of a company they probably have on-going negotiations with. You know how Japanese businessmen check if a company is doing well? Many have answered that they check the company’s statistics, sales or how the employees are being motivated, but Japanese businessmen, years ago, checked the company’s comfort rooms.

If you thoroughly think about it, they have a point. When the comfort rooms are being kept clean by the employees and workers who use them regularly, it is an good indication that the company has instilled in them discipline. Cleanliness is something that many find hard to give importance to since there are some who don’t care so much about cleanliness when it is not in their homes. If you know how to discipline your employees to have a mindset that cleanliness in every aspect of the company greatly affects the work environment, it means that you know how to instill in them discipline in following rules and regulations.

It’s not so complicated after all. If you can let your employees follow something so simple with consistency then it shows how effective you are as a leader. Sometimes, it’s not only in a company’s sales that make them great but it’s actually how the employees are being dealt with by the company’s higher ups. If they were trained well to begin with then it shows how the company is allowing them to grow into better and more responsible citizens. A company who gives importance to the little things such as good habits and hygiene is definitely better than a company who has good sales but puts too much pressure on their employees.

This goes out especially to the companies in the food industry. If the comfort rooms are dirty then any reasonable person would also question the hygiene of the company’s employees and workers. It is evident that even the company’s janitors or cleaning staff cannot do their simple tasks of maintaining cleanliness in the work environment. Their customers would go crazy if they find out that the food they’re eating came from a dirty environment.

To avoid a situation like this, it would be best to go the extra mile and create an effective cleaning system for your company’s welfare. Create rules and regulations especially when it comes to cleanliness and you have to make sure they are well-informed of the consequences as well. Also, with the hundreds of hygiene products companies available to us, it is not hard to get them as your permanent suppliers of cleaning products. That way, your employees will never have an excuse why their work spaces are not clean and why the comfort rooms are not well-maintained.